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Bed Sizes

Made for Kiwis:

You sure have a lot of questions about bed sizes NZ! There are a number of different sizes floating around out there, but all our mattresses and bases come in standard New Zealand sizes. That means you can be confident that our mattresses will work with your base, or that our base will fit your mattress.

Width and Length (mm):

King Single10702030
Super King18302030

Height (mm):

Alpha Mattress260
Alpha Mattress and Base600
Orion Mattress300
Orion Mattress and Base640
Sirius Mattress310
Sirius Mattress and Base650
Ezy-Build Base340

Size matters

When choosing bed mattress sizes there are several factors that are important to consider. Here in NZ we have a range of sizes that crossover, but sometimes differ with international sizes. If you’re new to New Zealand, you may find that your King size is in fact our Super King size so it pays to get the tape measure out just to be on the safe side.

Unequal-size Partner

Most of us are a different size to our partner. If you’re sharing a bed with a partner of an un-equal size to you its possible that this can affect your quality of sleep. Partner disturbance is exacerbated the closer they are to you so a larger bed will often help to reduce the level of transmitted movement through the mattress.

New Linen

It seems obvious, but often people overlook this when upgrading to a larger size and find their current linen will no longer fit. Old flat sheets generally will not be wide enough, and sometimes even if you’re not changing sizes a new mattress will be thicker so fitted sheets may not stretch to cover. There are many deep-sided sheet options on the market today, so it always pays to check first.

Extra length

Unfortunately, if you’re taller than average you may struggle to find a mattress where your feet are not hanging over the end. Single and Double are a little shorter than a Queen, however bigger sizes don’t get any longer after that. Queen, King and Super King are all the same length. If you find that a touch too short your best option is to go for the widest mattress you can fit and sleep on a slight angle across the bed.