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Our 5 Tips for a Good Quality Sleep

Regular, high-quality sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but there are many traps you can fall into which will disrupt this relaxing time. We go through our top five tips for how to get good quality sleep, including unplugging from devices or investing in a good quality king mattress.

Manage Light

One of the best things you can do to get a good night’s sleep is to manage your light intake throughout the day and into the night. The first step is to make sure you are getting ample sunlight during the day, as this sets your body into a healthy circadian rhythm (the human sleeping and waking cycle).

Follow this up by lowering the amount of blue light you receive during the evening; this could be in the form of lowering your living room lights or using natural lighting like a fireplace or candlelight to help you get ready for bedtime. By managing the light around you correctly, your body will get primed to get ready for sleep and help you ease into and stay asleep more easily.

Unplug from Devices

Modern devices are designed to hold your attention as much as they possibly can with notifications, alerts, addictive games, and social media reminders vying to keep you engaged. But over-engaging on devices, especially just before bed, can wreak havoc on your sleep quality. The screen on the devices emits blue light, which is harmful to your circadian rhythm, and the addictive nature of the games and social media apps can have your brain overstimulated right when it needs to relax.

Unplug from all devices at least one hour before bedtime, as that will give your body time to get itself back into relaxation mode, priming yourself for a good night’s sleep.

A Good Quality Bed

Nothing is more harmful to a good night’s sleep than an unsuitable bed or sleeping surface. You spend a significant time in your bed throughout your life so it is worth it to invest in a bed that you can rely on. Look for beds that have high-quality materials and sound construction, such as beds you can find at MyBed’s online store.

These beds make use of memory foam, wave foam, modular spring support systems, comfortable pillow tops, and more — all to make lying on your bed a dream that will have you dozing off soundly in no time.

Stick to a Schedule

You may think to yourself that if you stay up late you can always catch up on sleep later. But this is not often possible, as changing the times that you go to sleep can reduce your overall sleep quality, leaving you feeling more tired than before. What your body prefers is to work on a regular schedule so that it can set the natural sleep processes into motion based on your body’s internal clock.

Choose a time to go to bed that suits your lifestyle and stick to it. Even if you have a night every now and again where you stay up late, it is better to try to get yourself back into the regular cycle than trying to play sleep catch up.

The Right Sized Bed

Along with a good-quality bed, you should make sure that you have the right size. Not having enough space, especially with a shared bed, can cause major disruptions to sleep. King mattresses are a good option for couples, allowing ample space for moving around and repositioning during sleep. If you sleep by yourself, then investing in a double mattress can be a good option as it allows for a tonne of space for spreading out if you need to.

Get the Sleep You Deserve

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