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What Firmness of Mattress is Right for You?

Have you ever wondered, “What mattress firmness is best for me?” It can be a difficult question to answer, as different body types and sleeping styles need different levels of firmness for optimal sleep. Today we go over the different levels of mattress firmness, who they will suit best, and where you can pick up a high-quality mattress in NZ that won’t break the bank.


Soft mattresses are typically designed using soft cushioning materials such as memory foam and quilted pillow tops to provide a luxurious, cloud-like sensation for sleepers. When sleeping on a soft-rated mattress, you will have the feeling of sinking into your mattress as opposed to feeling as if you are on top of the mattress, which some sleepers will find to be perfect for dozing off. This can also provide additional warmth for the winter months, as more of your body meets the cushioning of the mattress, increasing the thermal effectiveness.

Side and front sleepers will reap the benefits of a soft mattress come bedtime the most. The additional cushioning provides ample soft space for shoulders, knees, and elbows to become settled comfortably. Softer mattresses will also conform more to the shape of your body over time, so buying one new and breaking it to the shape of your body for maximum comfort is a must for long-term comfort.


Hard or firm mattresses typically employ little to no soft cushioning at the surface levels while providing thin layers of foam above a spring or high-density foam base. While this may not sound particularly comfortable at first for some people, this design can provide the best sleeping experience and health benefits for certain individuals.

People who suffer from back or torso soreness may benefit from having a stable environment to rest their back in an aligned position overnight without worrying they may slip into a bent position and wake up with more soreness. People who are heavily built can also see great benefits of a more supportive mattress, as the dense and spring-loaded systems can provide better pushback than a softer mattress that might sink too much under an increased load.


Not too soft, not too firm, just right! The Goldilocks option where you get the best of both worlds. Some variation of medium firmness is the most popular option during mattress sales, as they can provide a mixture of the benefits mentioned above. Typically designed with a mixture of a supportive spring inside and some tactically placed soft cushioning, these beds can cater to many tastes.

The great thing about medium firmness mattresses is that they often scale up or down towards one end of the firmness scale, such as medium-firm or medium-soft. So, if you are leaning one way or the other, you can get a mattress that won’t take it over the top in one direction while still providing those specific benefits.

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