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The Most Exciting New Bed Technology

Beds have come a long way in the last 30 years. New bed and mattress technology are providing superior comfort to sleepers while also holding up better to daily use. We go over some of the most significant technologies that are implemented in beds today and how they can help you if you are looking for a new bed for sale.

Zoned Pocket Springs

It’s no longer enough to have a single static level of support across the entire surface of your mattress! This old style of design doesn’t account for the fact that humans are shaped irregularly and need varying levels of support depending on which part of their body is lying there. Getting this wrong can lead to discomfort for sleepers in their backs and joints. Zoned pocket springs and zone support systems solve this tricky problem by providing support right where you need it.

This can be in the form of extra firmness around your back to provide a stable base to keep your spine aligned, or it could be comfortable softness around your shoulders so that you don’t wake up feeling as though you got into a fight in your sleep. MyBed’s “Orion and Sirius” beds use this excellent technology to give customers the tailored sleep they deserve at an affordable price.

Bed in a Box

It’s not just about the use of the bed when it comes to bed and mattress technology. Buying a bed used to be a massive hassle, as having to pack up a giant bed often required hiring a trailer or paying for overly expensive delivery. Now you can get your bed delivered at a low cost, straight to your door. These bed in a box beds can be compressed and rolled into a manageably packaged parcel that can be delivered to you in no time.

All that is required from you is to unpackage your new bed in a box and do a little assembly, and you will have your new bed set up and ready to use! Not to mention MyBed does all their delivery free of charge, so you can rest assured your hard-earned money is only going to pay for the high-quality bed you have bought.

The Many Foams Available

One of the most important aspects of any bed is the cushioning that is used. Beds used to be made using materials that could break down over time and provide un-even support distribution. Foam technology has saved the day, being hardy to stand up to the many nights’ sleep that will be had on top of it as well as providing maximised comfort for the sleeper.

Wave foams and memory foams help to contour the sleeping surface to your body which not only reduces pressure points but also provides superior thermal comfort by maximising the surface area in contact with the sleeper. Natural latex foam can also be used as a hardy yet comfortable cushioning option that can bend and compact without losing its springiness levels over time.

Experience Mattress Technology Today

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