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Compressed, rolled & boxed

It’s just better

There’s nothing magical about a mattress in a box – It’s just a convenient way to package and ship a heavy, bulky item – The mattress itself is just like one you’ve probably slept on before, a regular pocket spring mattress. So, if you want to buy a mattress in a box, but you’re unsure how it works… read on.

Great value

Shipping is expensive. Even if there’s a mattress sale at a local store, it’s very likely that their stock has been shipped from elsewhere in the country, and the cost of that will be built into the price you’re paying. By boxing it up you can ship a mattress NZ wide for very little – In fact we throw it in for free!

How we roll

All our mattresses are normal pocket spring designs, optimised to be compressed, rolled and boxed. After manufacturing, the finished mattress is bagged and placed in a special press where it is compressed to approximately 10% of its original thickness. The air is then sucked from the bag and heat sealed before being tightly rolled, strapped and placed in a cardboard box for shipping. That’s how you get a mattress-in-a-box!


Unpacking a MyBed mattress is a very simple procedure – there are four steps:

1. Place: Remove the mattress from the box and lay it flat on your bed base or floor. Take care to determine which way it will unroll – With the end of the mattress facing you the mattress will unroll away from you.

2. Roll: Carefully cut away the outer bag or sleeve that keeps the mattress rolled. Avoid using a craft knife (a safety knife is best). Take extra care not to puncture the inner vacuum bag at this stage. Unroll the mattress so that it is lying flat.

3. Open: Carefully cut the inner vacuum bag open taking care not to cut the mattress inside. Avoid using a craft knife (a safety knife is best). Air will rush in and the bag will become loose – Remove the bag from the mattress.

4. Expand: The mattress will rapidly expand to 90% of its original thickness but should be allowed to sit for uncovered in a warm room for 2-3 hours before first use. It will generally reach its full height within 3-5 days.

NOTE: During it’s time compressed the foam may harden slightly. With use the foam will open up, absorb air and become softer. This process is normal and can take 3-5 days. It can be accelerated by kneeling on the mattress and jumping across the surface. A small degree of “off-gassing” may occur where the foam emits an odour – Again this is normal and with adequate ventilation will dissipate quickly.

Ezy-Build Bed Base

Our Ezy-Build base features flexible slat construction, providing an excellent foundation for any mattress. It’s very simple to put together with all the tools required for assembly provided. Comprehensive assembly instructions are included and can also be downloaded from the link below.

View assembly instructions