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Finding the right high-quality mattress in NZ can be difficult with so many options available. Make it easy with MyBed, as we stock mattresses that make use of the latest in sleep technology and are constructed from the most comfortable and durable materials. We stock mattresses in NZ coming in all classic sizes – single, king single, double, queen, and king. Browse our mattress selection below.

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What Size Mattress is Right for You?

Find the right size mattress to suit your lifestyle.

Single: This size is ideal for apartment living or rooms with minimal space. Can also be used for a kid’s bedroom or guest bedroom, giving you a mattress at an affordable price without taking up too much space.
King Single: A single mattress is sometimes not enough space for an adult. This is where the king single can be a great option, with the extra length and width to make use of while still being small enough for use in apartments and small rooms.
Double: Also known as a full-size bed, this is a great starter option for 2-person sleeping. This size provides the right amount of space so that two people can sleep comfortably while still being small enough to fit well into most rooms.
Queen: Get the extra space you need with a queen size mattress. Roughly 13cm wider and 18cm longer than the double, the queen is the classic option for a couple that wants that extra room for a good night’s sleep.
King: Sleep in luxury with a king size mattress coming in at 183cm by 203cm. Perfect for a master bedroom and a growing family, a king-sized bed provides all the space you could possibly need to have a restful night’s sleep.

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